3 Significant Reasons To Send Christmas Cards

19/07/2020 00:06

3 Lý Do Quan Trọng Để Tặng Thiệp Giáng Sinh

3 Significant Reasons To Send Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are much more than a shiny, folded, fancy piece of paper with messages. They are one of the best ways to express sentiments and have the ability to change someone’s life. Do you ever wonder why people still continue the tradition of sending and receiving paper greeting cards during Christmas holidays while they can send e-cards or emails instead? We are all busy. I get that. But I consider 3 important reasons below are why we should and still send Christmas cards.

For Relationship

It’s the relationship matter. We change jobs and dwelling-places, marry, suffer loss and celebrate great joy. We move from countries to countries, from continents to continents. And sometimes all we have is this paper card to keep in touch with the others. It’s the matter to all of us, to you and to me. I want you to know that you matter when you receive my cards, and I also want to know how you are, to see your hand-written name too.


Don’t cross someone off your list just because you don’t hear back in a few years. I think that we send not to receive but to give. Let’s send those Christmas cards because we can and have the heart of love and generosity.

To Remind

With someone who is housebound that unable to be out in hustle and bustle, those Christmas cards become a ministry. There is someone who might feel no one remembers him, a husband who is burdened with responsibilities or a wife who gets struck in household chores. Those greeting cards might remind someone of why we celebrate holidays.